NEET Preparation Tips & Tricks: How to prepare for the exam

NEET Preparation Tips & Tricks

NEET Preparation Tips & Tricks: How to prepare for the exam

Preparing for NEET 2023-24 can be a daunting task, but with the right study plan and preparation, it can be achieved with ease

People write a lot of articles and blogs about how to prepare for NEET. But it can be difficult to understand if you’re new to NEET preparations. So today, we’ll talk about some important tips that can help anyone get ready for the NEET Exam. Start NEET preparation from zero level.

First you need to know Basic details about NEET

NEET-UG is a national-level medical entrance exam for admission into medical colleges in India. The minimum age to apply for the exam is 17 years, and candidates must have a 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The exam is based on three subjects and consists of 180 MCQs, with a 3-hour time duration. The exam is considered one of the toughest in the country, but with proper preparation and strategy, aspirants can crack it.

The NEET syllabus covers material from class 11 and 12, prepare for neet from class 11th and 12th. If you are thinking How much time is needed for Neet preparation, usually it takes 2 years so  start preparing two years in advance. It can be challenging to cover the vast syllabus in just one month, but with a strong foundation in the basics and a dedicated plan, success is possible. To prepare for NEET, one should understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, and weightage. It’s also essential to master NCERT and select relevant reference materials. A realistic study plan should be strictly followed, and distractions should be avoided. Notes should be taken, and regular revision sessions are important. Practising question papers is also helpful.

NEET preparation tips give you a seat with the highest rank so get your dream medical college 

Here are some effective NEET Preparation Tips:

Get a calendar and a diary:

Start by getting a calendar and a diary to help you organize your study plan. This will help you keep track of your study schedule, important dates, and deadlines.

Set your priorities:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and prioritize your study time accordingly. Focus on the areas that need more attention and dedicate more time to them.

Set out long study hours:

With the help of the Neet preparation timetable Plan long study hours but also take regular breaks in between to refresh your mind and prevent burnout. Avoid distractions during your study time, such as social media or TV.

Take care of your health:

Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial for effective NEET preparation. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and engage in regular exercise to keep yourself fit and active. Also, make sure to take sufficient rest and maintain a regular sleep cycle.

Don’t sleep during study time: 

Avoid studying in bed or sleeping during your study time as it can interfere with your sleep pattern and affect your concentration levels.

Solve Previous years question and sample paper:

It can help you improve your accuracy and speed levels. It will also give you an idea about the question pattern, difficulty level of questions, and chapter-wise weightage in the exam.

Know the NEET Syllabus: 

It is important to have complete information about the official NEET syllabus. Candidates should compare the NEET syllabus with their board exam syllabus to identify common chapters and topics. This can save time and give extra time to prepare for the topics that are not covered in the syllabus.

Focus on Important Topics:

Some of the important topics for NEET include Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics in Physics; Mole Concept, Periodic Table, General Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding in Chemistry; and Genetics, Cell Biology, Morphology, Ecology & Environment, Reproduction, Basics of Biotechnology, Physiology of Animals & Plants in Biology.

Use Good NEET Study Material:

Good study material is critical for preparing for any exam, including NEET. NCERT is considered the best NEET preparation book, and candidates can also consult NEET teachers and toppers or read their interviews to know which books they referred to. 

Make a Study Plan:

A well-documented, customized study plan covering all your strengths and weaknesses can be a boon. Set achievable goals and targets, and follow a disciplined routine to ensure you cover all the topics in the syllabus.

Practice Regularly:

Practice is the key to success in NEET. Regular practice of mock tests, previous year question papers, and sample papers can help you analyse your performance and identify areas of improvement.


Common mistakes that candidates should avoid while preparing for NEET 2023. It emphasizes the importance of following a proper timetable, avoiding a hectic schedule, studying from NCERT textbooks, not using too many books at once, and not ignoring any subject in the NEET syllabus. By avoiding these mistakes, and following the NEET preparation ideas candidates can increase their chances of securing a good rank in the NEET exam. Good luck! 

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