IIT JEE - Main & Advanced

JEE is now the single entrance exam for all engineering aspirants in India to take admission into Engineering/ Science Institutions. There is no need to apply for several entrance exams. The students will now be free and relaxed after appearing in a single exam.

This will considerably reduce stress-level and the student will be able to avoid the multiple exams which posed the challenge of preparing for different syllabi and patterns. It is also a substantial financial saving for parents. Simultaneous preparation of School/ Board examinations and JEE will yield better results. Introduction of JEE thus eliminates the unnecessary wastage of time, effort & money

Ascent is a premium coaching institute that provides exceptional coaching for students preparing for the JEE (Main+Advanced) exam. Our team of faculty members is experienced and specialised in helping students excel in their exams.

We believe that time management is crucial for JEE exam preparation, and they meticulously plan their courses to ensure timely completion of the syllabus. Our subject experts are dedicated to making complex topics easy to understand, and we use illustrations and clear explanations to break down even the most challenging concepts.

  • Prepare for IIT-JEE 2024 and upcoming exams with our structured academic plan.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Class 11th and 12th syllabus to ensure a strong foundation.
  • Printed study materials and daily practice sheets provided to facilitate learning.
  • Complete conceptual revision of the entire syllabus for deeper understanding.
  • One-on-one doubt-solving support to clear any confusion and regular testing opportunities to track progress and ensure success on the exam.
  • Extensive Syllabus : IIT-JEE syllabus covers a wide range of topics in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The syllabus is based on the CBSE and state board curricula for class 11 and 12.
  • Rigorous Preparation : Ascent coaching institutes provide students with comprehensive study materials and guidance to help them prepare for the exam.
  • Conceptual Clarity : Students need to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Time Management :We help students learn to manage their time effectively to cover the entire syllabus and solve the paper within the given time.
  • Mock Tests : Mock tests also provide students with an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Guidance from Experts : Ascent coaching institutes provide students with expert guidance and help them stay motivated throughout the course.
  • Online Learning : With the increasing availability of online resources, students can now access IIT-JEE course materials and lectures online.
  • Students who are currently in Class 12th or have completed Class 12th and are planning to appear for the IIT JEE exam.
  • Students who are aiming to crack the IIT JEE exam and get admission into top engineering colleges in India.
  • Students who have a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.
  • Students who have a positive attitude and are willing to learn and improve themselves.
  • Students who have a dedicated approach toward their studies and are willing to put in the required effort and time.
  • Nurture Class 11th - Target IIT-JEE 2024 From 27th March and 06th April 2023
  • Enthuse Class 12th - Target IIT-JEE 2024 From 09th and 16th March 2023
  • Achiever/Dropper Class 12th Passed - Target IIT-JEE 2023 From 06th April and 11th May 2023
  • IIT JEE Crash Course - Target IIT-JEE 2024 Upcoming very soon

Ascent provides its students with the tools they need to succeed and prepares them for success in their academic and professional careers.Vision - An extremely affordable, accessible, and manageable team ready to provide meticulous results with a tremendous deadline.

IIT JEE - Main & Advanced

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